Lola Albright Net Worth

Category Actress, Singer
Net Worth $2 Million
Salary $20,000 per episode (TV at peak)
Date of Birth July 20, 1924
Place of Birth Akron, Ohio, USA
Gender Female
Height 5ft 4in (162.5cm)
Known for Acting in films and TV series like “Peter Gunn”
Country United States

Delve into the life of Lola Albright, an actress and singer whose contributions to the entertainment industry have left an indelible mark, accompanied by a notable net worth.

Early life

Born on July 20, 1924, in Akron, Ohio, Lola Albright was blessed with a talent for performing arts from a young age. A spark that would eventually kindle the flame of a stellar career in Hollywood.

Career starting point

Albright’s acting journey kicked off in the late 1940s, with minor roles in films. However, it was her performance in “Peter Gunn” as sultry nightclub singer Edie Hart that truly put her on the map.


Lola Albright amassed a net worth of $2 million over her career, a significant achievement considering the era she was most active in. At the height of her career, she was earning around $20,000 per TV episode, a sizable sum for the time.

Personal life

Off-screen, Albright’s life was just as colorful as her career. She was married three times, with each relationship sparking its own set of headlines. Despite her personal trials, Albright maintained a public image of grace and resilience.

Nowadays activities

Lola Albright passed away on March 23, 2017. However, her legacy lives on through her numerous films and television appearances. Her performances continue to inspire and entertain new generations of viewers.

Other assets

Apart from her earnings from acting, Albright had also invested in real estate. She owned a home in Beverly Hills, California, which added to her overall net worth. Furthermore, she had a collection of antique furniture and art, indicative of her refined taste.