Lindsay Lohan Net Worth

Category Details
Net Worth $800,000
Salary $10,000 per episode
Date of Birth July 2, 1986
Place of Birth New York City, USA
Gender Female
Height 5’5″ (165 cm)
Known for Acting, Singing, Modelling
Country United States

This article provides a comprehensive account of Lindsay Lohan, a multi-faceted American actress and singer. The journey from her early life, career inception, finances, personal life, present activities, to her additional assets forms the crux of this narration.

Early life

Born on July 2, 1986, in New York City, Lindsay Dee Lohan showcased her talent in acting and singing early in her childhood. These inherent capabilities would later prove instrumental in the shaping of her career.

Career starting point

Lindsay Lohan’s career took flight in 1998 when she starred in Disney’s ‘The Parent Trap.’ Her exceptional performance in this dual role paved the way for her future success. She consolidated her status in Hollywood with films such as ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘Freaky Friday.’


As of 2023, Lindsay Lohan has a net worth of $800,000. Her primary income sources have been acting and music. While she earned a handsome income from her movies, her music career also yielded considerable financial gain. Currently, she earns $10,000 per episode for her appearances in television series.

Personal life

Lindsay’s personal life has frequently made headlines due to her legal issues and rehab stints. However, she has managed to bounce back from these challenging times, re-establishing herself in the entertainment industry.

Nowadays activities

Today, Lindsay continues to act and make music. Besides, she has ventured into business, owning a beach club in Greece and a reality TV show based on it. These ventures have added to her wealth in recent years.

Other assets

Lindsay Lohan owns properties in the United States and Dubai. Additionally, her beach club in Mykonos, Greece, is a significant asset, contributing to her current net worth. Her business ventures and the success of her reality TV show are steadily helping her rebuild her wealth.