Martha Stewart Net Worth

Category Details
Net Worth $400 million
Salary $30 million (per year)
Date of Birth August 3, 1941
Place of Birth Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S
Gender Female
Height 69 inch / 175 cm
Known for Cooking, Business, TV personality
Country United States

This article intends to present a detailed account of the net worth of Martha Stewart, a renowned businesswoman and TV personality. Herein, we’ll delve into her early days, initial steps in her career, financial standing, personal life, current activities, and other assets.

Early life

Born on August 3, 1941, in Jersey City, New Jersey, Martha Stewart had a humble beginning. She developed a keen interest in cooking and gardening at a young age, often learning recipes from her mother and gardening tips from her father.

Career starting point

Martha’s career initially took an unconventional path as she worked as a stockbroker. It wasn’t until 1976 when she started a catering business from her basement that her career trajectory began to change. She soon gained fame for her culinary skills and unique presentations.


Martha Stewart, with a net worth of $400 million and an annual salary of $30 million, stands as one of the wealthiest businesswomen and TV personalities in the United States. Her wealth stems from her diversified career that spans cooking, business, and television.

Personal life

Martha Stewart, in her personal life, has had her share of ups and downs. She was married to Andrew Stewart, but the couple separated in 1987. She is a mother to one daughter. Despite her trials, she has managed to maintain a positive outlook and continues to inspire many.

Nowadays activities

Today, Martha Stewart is not just known for her cooking and business ventures but also as a TV personality, author, and magazine publisher. She continues to work actively, creating new recipes, writing books, and appearing on various TV shows.

Other assets

In addition to her income from her career ventures, Martha Stewart has made some notable investments. She owns several properties, including a lavish estate

in Bedford, New York, valued at $15 million. She also owns a $3 million residence in East Hampton, adding significantly to her overall net worth.