Laura Wasser Net Worth

Category Details
Net Worth $20 million
Salary $4 million per year
Date of Birth May 23, 1968
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Gender Female
Height 66 inch / 168 cm
Known for Family Law Attorney
Country United States

When it comes to celebrity divorce lawyers, few are as sought after or as successful as Laura Wasser. Representing an A-list clientele has positioned her firmly among the financial elite. Let’s explore how she accumulated her wealth.

Early Life

Born on May 23, 1968, in Los Angeles, California, Laura Allison Wasser was destined for a career in law. The daughter of prominent divorce lawyer Dennis Wasser, she was surrounded by the legal profession from an early age, setting the stage for her future career and financial success.

Career Starting Point

After graduating from Loyola Law School in 1994, Wasser began practicing law at her father’s firm. It was here that she laid the foundation of her impressive career, representing some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Her first high-profile case, the divorce of actor Alec Baldwin and actress Kim Basinger, marked her arrival on the celebrity law scene.


With a net worth of $20 million and an annual salary of around $4 million, Wasser has certainly made her mark in the financial world. Her fees, often reaching upwards of $850 per hour, coupled with the high-profile nature of her clients, have contributed greatly to her significant net worth.

Personal Life

While Wasser’s professional life is well-documented, she keeps her personal life private. A mother of two, she is known to fiercely guard her children’s privacy. Her own experiences with divorce have undoubtedly shaped her approach to her work, making her a zealous advocate for her clients.

Nowadays Activities

Still active in her career, Wasser continues to represent a star-studded clientele. In addition, she launched the online divorce platform “It’s Over Easy” in 2017, providing a more accessible and affordable option for couples seeking a divorce, further augmenting her earnings.

Other Assets

Apart from her earnings as a lawyer, Wasser owns a significant amount of real estate. She reportedly owns a home in the exclusive Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, adding to her net worth and displaying the financial success she’s achieved.