Eileen Fulton Net Worth

Category Details
Net Worth $5 million
Salary $200,000 per year
Date of Birth September 13, 1933
Place of Birth Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Gender Female
Height 63 inches | 160 cm
Known for Acting
Country USA

Delving into the financial profile of Eileen Fulton, renowned actress and one of the shining stars of the entertainment world, reveals a fascinating narrative of perseverance and success.

Early life

Before the spotlight, the applause, and the remarkable net worth, Eileen Fulton was just Margaret Elizabeth McLarty, born on September 13, 1933, in Asheville, North Carolina. A love for the arts led her to attend Greensboro College where she nurtured her talent for performance.

Career starting point

In 1959, she began a journey that would set her on the path to fame and fortune. Adopting the stage name ‘Eileen Fulton’, she landed a role in the soap opera, ‘As the World Turns’, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Fulton’s financial journey is as impressive as her acting career. With a net worth pegged at $5 million, her primary source of income stems from her career in acting. Her annual salary, derived mainly from her roles in television, stands at $200,000.

Personal life

While her career flourished, Fulton’s personal life was a complex tapestry woven with the threads of three marriages. She never had any children but dedicated her life to her craft, amassing a considerable fortune in the process.

Nowadays activities

Though retired from acting, Fulton hasn’t distanced herself from the limelight. She remains active, engaging in various charity activities and advocating for animal rights. Her influence continues to resonate, underlining her stature both on and off-screen.

Other assets

In addition to her earnings from her acting career, Fulton also gains income from her book sales. She has penned multiple memoirs which provide another source of revenue contributing to her wealth.

As we journey through Fulton’s life, we witness a saga of determination, talent, and financial success. Her net worth reflects her enduring presence in the entertainment industry and serves as a testament to her impressive career.