ArsaConf Net Worth

Category Tech Conference
Net Worth £20 Million
Salary £5 Million
Date of Birth 2010
Place of Birth London, UK
Gender Not Applicable
Height Not Applicable
Known for Hosting Tech Conferences
Country United Kingdom

This article explores the financial journey of ArsaConf, a renowned tech conference based in the UK, known for bringing together leading innovators and thinkers in the technology sector.

Early life

ArsaConf came to life in 2010 in London with the mission of fostering a platform that brings together tech enthusiasts, innovators, and leaders. The conference was designed to offer insights, drive discussions, and foster collaborations in the tech world.

Career starting point

The first ArsaConf, held in 2011, marked the career beginning of this influential tech conference. It successfully attracted participants from across the country and witnessed insightful panel discussions, interactive sessions, and innovation showcases.


ArsaConf currently boasts a net worth of £20 million. The major source of revenue is the ticket sales, corporate sponsorships, and exhibitor fees, bringing in an average annual income of £5 million. The net worth has been increasing consistently, with a growth rate of 15% annually since its initiation.

Personal life

As an entity, ArsaConf doesn’t have a ‘personal life.’ However, the organization encourages its team members to engage in tech-related communities and causes, ensuring they stay at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies.

Nowadays activities

ArsaConf continues to thrive and expand, hosting annual conferences in London and branching out to other major cities worldwide. The team remains committed to delivering top-quality content and discussions, with a recent focus on sustainability and tech’s role in climate change.

Other assets

Beyond the main event, ArsaConf holds assets in the form of digital platforms for webinars and virtual conferences, valued at around £2 million. The brand value, intellectual property rights, and strategic partnerships significantly contribute to its overall net worth.